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Movement For The Mind®—Dance That Awakens Healing, Inspiration & Wisdom

By Francoise Netter

In anticipation of the publishing and release of my paperback book, Movement For The Mind, I want to invite you, your friends and family to my book signing release party on April 5, 2013 at 4:30PM. Contact me at for the location in Boulder, CO. This book is a unique resource for integrating the body, mind and spirit and discovering who you are creatively. It is also an invitation to embrace your inner wisdom, discover the innate joy within you and express it in a manner that can practically be applied to positively change any area of your life!!!!

I want to share the forward from the book written by a friend, mentor and brilliant author, professor and business luminary. Enjoy and I look forward to personally signing a copy of the book for you which is available on my website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through other major bookstores. Always appreciate your comments and referrals.

Delightfully in the Dance,


For twenty-five years others and I taught the Personal Creativity in Business course at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. And then and ever since it has been offered by a growing group of teachers not only at Stanford but at other schools, in corporations and for nonprofit groups and individuals who need this kind of awakening and support of their inherent creativity to deal with the challenges and opportunities of their lives. For much of that time, Françoise Netter and her dance and movement work have been an integral part of this effort. Why? Because you cannot be consistently creative and lead life to the fullest without engaging not just the mind, but also the heart, the spirit and the body. The last aspect, body, is tricky, yet essential to unlocking the rest for all of us on various times on our journey if it is to be a creative one.

Françoise is a master at what she does. Gifted and a professional. Unique. Like only a few of the visitors and contributors to our class, she sat in it as a participant in order to make sure that what she was doing was of maximum impact to our students. She engaged their bodies in dance and movement in a way that led to breakthroughs and tools that stayed with people. And now she has translated that brilliance and care to this book for you to use and grow in ways you can’t imagine.

When Françoise came for a class it was always a little exciting, maybe even scary for some of the students. We were going to dance in a graduate business class? To keep them guessing and make it light, I would sometimes play a recording of the song, “Dancing Cheek to Cheek,” as they entered the room. But Françoise changed the mood step by step. First we (I always participated) were guided to an awareness of our body. Then we explored movement and what it meant in terms of who we are at our core and what our life purpose is. We were transformed during one session. Students spoke with a sort of wonder about what just happened. They followed up by integrating that experience with the other more traditional work they were getting in the class.

This book gives you a chance to have that same kind of experience but to have it in a sustained way in various parts of your life and to meet almost any challenge. In our Stanford class we were focusing on awakening the body-mind-heart-spirit connection for leading a creative life, making your life itself a work of art. This book goes beyond and deeper, however, in the sense that Françoise guides you through her work with stress, psychotherapy and physical healing as well as creativity. You may have worked with each one of these life challenges in many different ways and successfully. But try engaging your body-mind connection with the exercises and approaches in this book and you might be surprised at the new levels you will achieve—breakthroughs instead of stress, support for healing, awakened creative energy, and new understanding and control of your personality based on your highest self.

You can read this book straight through and get something from the stories Françoise tells and the new perspective she offers. But you’ll get an order of magnitude more from it if you engage with the exercises, if you bring this kind of movement into your life. It takes effort at first. But once you get the basic exercise down, you have a tool that you can use in other parts of the book and whenever you need it.

So I suggest that you get the basic exercise first and then go to the chapter that represents a major challenge for you, be it stress, creativity, mental issues, or healing. Do the movement work in every chapter. See what happens. Pay attention. Keep at it with what works for you. Use this book as a guide to a full, rich life from every aspect of your being.

 —Michael Ray, John G. McCoy-Banc One Professor of Creativity and Innovation (Emeritus) Stanford Business School and Author, Creativity in Business and The Highest Goal



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