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BodyMind/Dynamics offers you two life-improving audio products. Both are available in dual formats: traditional audio CDs shipped to your door, or modern MP3 files available for immediate download. See the Product Options section below for details and prices.

Redress Your Stress CD

Redress Your Stress CD by Francoise NetterThis CD offers powerful and practical tools to prevent and manage the effects of stress. Each track incorporates verbal instruction with a soothing background of healing natural sounds and music. You will learn how to relax and create wellness as well as how to transform negative states and situations into positive productivity and joy. This CD can be utilized daily and can benefit educators, business professionals, athletes, students, parents and anyone else who needs to reduce and manage the stress in their lives. Individuals who have practiced these exercises and relaxation techniques come from all walks of life and have reported the following benefits improving all areas of their lives.

Listen to the Redress Your Stress Introduction.

Redress Your Stress is designed to offer you the following benefits:

  • Healed and reduced body pain
  • Improved concentration and clarity
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better breathing habits
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased vitality and health
  • Weight loss
  • Achievement of Goals
  • Feeling more centered and grounded in daily life
  • Feeling relaxed and increased energy
  • Better sleeping habits and overcoming insomnia

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Traditional CD

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Digital Downloads

Play digital downloads in popular MP3 players, on your computer, iPhone, iPod, etc. Digital downloads are provided as a number of MP3 audio files, plus an instructional PDF, in a 45-55 MB Zip file archive. Simply unzip and load the audio files onto your favorite devices for playback. You can also use programs like iTunes to make a CD copy for your personal use.

Each digital product is $15.99 and includes a PDF describing how to use the product.  (There are no additional shipping or handling charges on digital downloads.) Shortly after checkout and payment, you will receive an e-mail with a unique link to download your products. You can download your products anytime within 72 hours.

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Traditional CDs

Play traditional CDs in conventional CD players and on your computer. Traditional CDs are shipped to your door or mailing address.

Each CD is only $20.99 and includes an insert describing how to use the product. Shipping and handling is $5.00 for the first CD, and $2.00 for each additional CD. Free shipping on orders over $75.00. Please contact Body/Mind Dynamics for information about ordering large quantities.

Other Products

Contact us about other useful products that we can provide you with. Other products include:

“When I was reading your blog, you wrote something that really summed up the purpose of the breathing exercises for me. You wrote: ‘In our western society, we often put emphasis on how things look externally. Through that approach, we have forgotten our own inner wellspring of knowledge… The control we are seeking is within us, not external to us.’ For me, this is what the complete breath exercises over the last week have allowed me to do. I find that in those 5 minutes I am focusing on my breath, and I am in complete control of my thoughts and feelings; I am controlling the way the air moves through my body, the way my body responds to that movement, the thoughts that cross my mind, etc. For 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter who needs my attention, what papers need graded, that the floor needs swept or the laundry needs to come out of the dryer. For 5 minutes, I am in control of my life, and I have found that to be freeing, empowering, and relaxing. It has changed how I look at the various pressures I feel every day. Thank you.” — C. Hytchins