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BodyMind/Dynamics offers you two life-improving audio products. Both are available in dual formats: traditional audio CDs shipped to your door, or modern MP3 files available for immediate download. See the Product Options section below for details and prices.

Redress Your Stress CD

Redress Your Stress CD by Francoise NetterThis CD offers powerful and practical tools to prevent and manage the effects of stress. Each track incorporates verbal instruction with a soothing background of healing natural sounds and music. You will learn how to relax and create wellness as well as how to transform negative states and situations into positive productivity and joy. This CD can be utilized daily and can benefit educators, business professionals, athletes, students, parents and anyone else who needs to reduce and manage the stress in their lives. Individuals who have practiced these exercises and relaxation techniques come from all walks of life and have reported the following benefits improving all areas of their lives.

Listen to the Redress Your Stress Introduction.

Redress Your Stress is designed to offer you the following benefits:

  • Healed and reduced body pain
  • Improved concentration and clarity
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better breathing habits
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased vitality and health
  • Weight loss
  • Achievement of Goals
  • Feeling more centered and grounded in daily life
  • Feeling relaxed and increased energy
  • Better sleeping habits and overcoming insomnia

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Traditional CD

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“The meditations on the Redress Your Stress CD are simple and yet amazingly effective in their approach and offer a clear path to exploring meditation. I have enjoyed using them at home and have seen great success using the guided meditations with my students at school.” — TJ Sazama

“Thank you Francoise for all the great resources and the CD, Redress Your Stress.  I will come back and again to your web pages to read more about how to dissolve the stress and regain calm. Thank you for making a tremendous difference in my life.” — G. Bovino

“I have listened to your CD Redress Your Stress several times since I met you last year.  I have taken something different from it each time.  Recently, I had a massage because I could just feel I was tense and not processing my stress correctly.  She suggested yoga in the form of meditation.  I totally thought of your CD in that moment.  I enjoy track #4.  Mainly because of the violin in the background and the time you give to picture your goal (relax/chill) and to let go without straining.  I also like track #5 because it gives you the opportunity to visualize and think about your emotional state Taking time to understand my emotional state helps me move forward in a positive mind frame without reacting negatively. ” —T. Watson

“I did download the CD, Redress your Stress. It gave me a chance to slow down and practice the Complete Breath and experience guided imagery. The peace and relaxation I felt from doing these exercises gave me a new tool to take care of myself. After I listened to each step, I felt rested and free of anxiety. The breathing was rhythmic and comforting. I believe this will help create a peaceful and creative environment at work and home. Your class brought new meaning to my lessons. I now recognize how much movement I do incorporate into my lessons. This is very inspiring and helps me to see my job in a different way. I thought movement occurred in the music room and P.E. but not the art room. Now I will be more mindful of the movement occurring in my program and how it supports the whole child.” — R Aiello

“When I had the teachers fill out the end of the training week evaluation several of them mentioned that they really enjoyed learning about breathing and yes, we will practice together with your CD.” – J. Dowswell, Wild Plum Center, Longmont, CO

The Magic of Movement – Movement For The Mind® CD

The Magic of Movement CD by Francoise NetterA CD which allows the individual to experience the creativity of Movement Exploration. This self-help CD will facilitate exploration of the body in a creative and powerful way through guided imagery. Individuals will learn how to ground themselves, create appropriate boundaries, how to express feelings safely and uniquely and how to connect to their body in a non-judgmental process. This CD is also useful for teachers and therapists interested in incorporating Body Awareness and Movement as a tool for creative enhancement, communication and/or therapy and can be used with children or adults.

Listen to the Magic of Movement Introduction.

The Magic of Movement – Movement For The Mind® is designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Kinesthetic awareness
  • Awareness of appropriate boundaries
  • Consciousness of breath
  • Expanded creativity
  • Greater self-expression
  • Becoming more comfortable in your body
  • Utilization of Dance Principles in innovative ways
  • Relaxation

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You can also order this audio with the accompanying eBook, Movement For The Mind®: Dance That Awakens Healing, Inspiration And Wisdom. To get this money-saving combination, order the Movement For The Mind – Digital Bundle on our Books page.

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Product Options

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Digital Downloads

Play digital downloads in popular MP3 players, on your computer, iPhone, iPod, etc. Digital downloads are provided as a number of MP3 audio files, plus an instructional PDF, in a 45-55 MB Zip file archive. Simply unzip and load the audio files onto your favorite devices for playback. You can also use programs like iTunes to make a CD copy for your personal use.

Each digital product is $15.99 and includes a PDF describing how to use the product.  (There are no additional shipping or handling charges on digital downloads.) Shortly after checkout and payment, you will receive an e-mail with a unique link to download your products. You can download your products anytime within 72 hours.

See also our Product Order FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Traditional CDs

Play traditional CDs in conventional CD players and on your computer. Traditional CDs are shipped to your door or mailing address.

Each CD is only $20.99 and includes an insert describing how to use the product. Shipping and handling is $5.00 for the first CD, and $2.00 for each additional CD. Free shipping on orders over $75.00. Please contact Body/Mind Dynamics for information about ordering large quantities.

Other Products

Contact us about other useful products that we can provide you with. Other products include:

“When I was reading your blog, you wrote something that really summed up the purpose of the breathing exercises for me. You wrote: ‘In our western society, we often put emphasis on how things look externally. Through that approach, we have forgotten our own inner wellspring of knowledge… The control we are seeking is within us, not external to us.’ For me, this is what the complete breath exercises over the last week have allowed me to do. I find that in those 5 minutes I am focusing on my breath, and I am in complete control of my thoughts and feelings; I am controlling the way the air moves through my body, the way my body responds to that movement, the thoughts that cross my mind, etc. For 5 minutes, it doesn’t matter who needs my attention, what papers need graded, that the floor needs swept or the laundry needs to come out of the dryer. For 5 minutes, I am in control of my life, and I have found that to be freeing, empowering, and relaxing. It has changed how I look at the various pressures I feel every day. Thank you.” — C. Hytchins


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