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We are now offering hybrid classes which include interactive zoom as well as in person classes for Yoga and Movement for the Mind®. The Jewel of Hatha Yoga is Thursdays at 5:00 PM (MST) and some alternate Tuesdays. Movement For The Mind classes are TBA — Contact us for the schedule, Zoom link, and location.

  • All featured group classes are $17.00.
  • Meditation classes are $35.00 and includes a download of The Redress Your Stress CD.
  • For all other classes and private sessions please contact us.

All classes are open to beginners and continuing students and no previous dance or movement experience is necessary. See the descriptions below for each class, then contact us at [email protected] or 303.960.6000 for the Zoom link.

The Jewel of Hatha Yoga

The Jewel of Hatha Yoga powerfully blends techniques from Vinayasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar and is geared for both new and continuing students. This Yoga class will joyfully explore the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga. We will explore poses for optimal body/mind wellness, stress reduction, strength, flexibility and vitality especially during this global crisis and Pandemic. I invite you to join in a journey that will allow you to strengthen your body, improving your skill in all other areas of your life, while integrating inner peace with outer flexibility and joy.

For: All levels of beginning and continuing students of Yoga.

Movement For The Mind

This class will allow you to experience your wisdom, strength and creative inspiration through movement and dance and give you ongoing, practical tools to embody and integrate these traits into your daily life. Through a unique format that integrates the power of intention with movement, music and guided visualization, you will spring forward into a new sense of Self, direction and purpose in a joyful and playfully safe environment; balancing and integrating right and left brain learning in your life. It will allow you to release stress and activate joy and health in your body and give you daily tools that you can practice to keep the inspiration alive and working for you even in these challenging times.

For: All levels and no dance experience is necessary.

Visit the Movement For The Mind page to learn more. Books and CDs are available on the products page.

Professional Development Classes Online

These classes not only offer credits to increase your salary and re-certify your teaching license, they offer you leading edge subjects that can powerfully enhance every aspect of your professional and personal life and allow you to integrate that exceptional value in the academic environment. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Body/Mind Dynamics Inc. is excited to offer new Professional Development classes for Educators, in addition to the graduate credit classes from UMass Global (as well as other universities) that we have been offering for over 18 years.

The following classes are available as 3, 5 and 7 contact hours, as well as 3 graduate level credits (45 hours):

  • Beyond Stress – Advanced Strategies for Managing Stress for Educators and Their Students
  • Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times – Practical Knowledge for 21st Century Educators
  • The Wellness Factor in Education
  • Movement For the Mind® for Educators: Integrating Right and Left Brain Learning
  • Dissolving The Stress Mess For Educators and Their Students
  • Strengthening The Body and Mind—An Integrative Approach to Education
  • Kinesthetic Learning—Bringing Back Movement to Education
  • The Fun Factor in Learning
  • Bully Proofing Your Classroom
  • The ABCs of Inspiration and Motivation in Education
  • Creativity As A Pathway to Learning and Academic Success
  • Elevated Learning Through the Arts—From Special Education to Literacy
  • Grit, Resiliency and Perseverance as Essential Skills For Life & Learning
  • Yoga For The Academic Environment–Creating Mindfulness, Concentration & Balance
  • The Wellness Factor in Education
  • Holistic Strategies For Better Understanding Student Needs
  • Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times
  • A Mindful Approach To Teaching For Body and Brain

All classes are being offered on-site, by conference call, distance learning, and through independent study at the following costs:

  • $200.00 Professional Development: 3 Contact Hours
  • $285.00 Professional Development: 5 Contact Hours
  • $335.00 Professional Development: 7 Contact Hours

Contact Francoise E Netter at 303.960.6000 or [email protected] for details or registration.


Now offering 2024 Meditation, Yoga, and Movement for the Mind® classes. Register or learn more.