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Learn Advanced Meditation and Breathing Techniques

Opening The Breath. Cooling The Mind™

Meditation and Yogic Breathing are powerful tools to managing stress, to improving concentration, promoting balance and providing overall wellness and peace of mind.

Meditation is the principal ofMeditation photo Yoga by which we can polish the mind’s mirror so that it may reflect the light of our true Self. Meditation is a non-religious activity that promotes mindfulness, concentration and relaxation as well as longevity and health because it brings the body into a state of balance and the mind into a greater experience of peace and equanimity no matter what is happening in our outer world. Through meditation, our inner awareness expands and our understanding of inner and outer things becomes steadily deeper. Above all, meditation stills the mind and inspires the heart.


This inner stillness ultimately establishes one in a state of inner peace. The purpose of meditation is to attain inner happiness and peace that is independent of outer circumstances.


There are many forms of meditation. Some are concentration practices–requiring you to focus on a word (mantra), an object, your thoughts, or your breath. Guided visualizations can also be included as a form of concentration meditation. Others are practices of letting go, of releasing into a kind of hyperaware state in which you drop the endless chatter of the mind and simply go with the flow while maintaining an attitude of detachment or identification with the witness; the one who sits behind the eyes watching mindfully. Meditation can be done alone or in a group.


Body/Mind Dynamics Inc. Offers Many Training Options

Body/Mind Dynamics Inc. offers classes and private sessions as well as a CD that allows you to practice these techniques with guidance at home.

The many benefits you can gain are:

  • Healed and reduced body pain
  • Improved concentration and clarity
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better breathing habits
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased vitality and health
  • Weight loss
  • Achievement of Goals
  • Feeling more centered and grounded in daily life
  • Feeling relaxed and increased energy
  • Better sleeping habits and overcoming insomnia
  • Producing a mental, emotional and physical state of calm, peacefulness and well-being.

No special skills or experience needed.

New Meditation class beginning 1/30/2024. A class designed for beginners or experienced meditators. In this class you will:

  • experience support for your meditation practice
  • learn different techniques that work specifically for you 
  • deepen your experience of mastery over the mind
  • create an environment to integrate the calm, peace, equanimity and healing you desire


Call 303.960.6000 or email us at [email protected] for this class or any other new and powerfully life-enhancing Stress Management, Meditation, and Mindfulness Classes that are now available. All classes can be done anywhere form the comfort of your own or business.

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