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Latest Media Appearance
Listen to Francoise Netter’s recent podcast about Creative Wisdom, Healing, and Resiliency with ZofiaRennea Morales on Voice America. Hear Zofia and Francoise in a powerful podcast about spirituality, creativity, inspiration, and moving from trauma to resiliency. Learn ways to think about your life differently and to incorporate guidance, inspiration, healing and renewal into your current situation. Practical tools and resources that reduce stress and create healing will also be integrated into our discussion. Listen to podcast.
You can also watch the Facebook Live recording. Watch recording.


Other Media Appearances

Listen to Francoise’s new guest podcast appearance on “From The Ashes” titled “No Grit, No Pearl.” In this time of Climate Change, horrific fires and the subsequent air quality, the Delta Variant and ongoing pandemic, and the seemingly divided state of our country and politics for many of us, it is demanded that we discover new ways to face adversity and the ability to stand with greater strength and vitality as we creatively renew our lives. Join us in finding relevant solutions to our own personal and global adversities. Listen to podcast (use passcode: D?2EC%K2).

Francoise was also featured on the “Numerology: The Magical and Mystical Effect of Numbers” podcast. Listen to podcast.

Inner Voice magazine published an article by Francoise – view the PDF. Also view Spirit & Science magazine’s online multimedia article or PDF. Additionally, BellaSpark magazine featured an excerpt from Francoise’s book. You can also see the photos from her book release party. Or read the newspaper story PDF about her and her work.


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