Testimonials About Francoise E. Netter

“I love the ideas and suggestions in Francoise’s book in Chapter Four, such as the visualizations, quiet reflections and journaling. I love her two CDs, The Magic of Movement and Redress Your Stress, that I purchased and would highly recommend them. When we use Francoise’s CDs, we go deeper within, new life wells up and we begin to get in touch with our creative energy. When we choose this self-discipline on a regular basis we find ways to awaken the sleepinggiant. This deepening happens one layer at a time and each time, we go deeper and deeper into the divine.” — L. Gerk

“Francoise, thank you so very much for sharing your work and passion with me. I believe that using this material has the potential to change untold lives for the better. Reading Movement For The Mind®, especially Chapter Six: Dance as Physical Healing, has changed my life. Applying the principles in Movement For The Mind® and working with the Magic of Movement CD helped me address my fearsand create a healing break-through. Today, for the first time since theOctober 2010 marathon and a devastating injury, I put my beloved runningshoes on and hit the road. I felt, once again, the joy of my body in motion! I look forward to working with my colleagues to incorporate this into our professional lives, with my wife to incorporate it into our private lives and to simply work with it alone to establish better balance in my life.” — Daniel Draper

“Françoise Netter is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and creative being. I had the good fortune of working with Françoise in my graduate internship. During this time, I studied Françoise’s method of Movementfor the Mind® through the book, the CD and her mentorship. Movement for the Mind® is a powerful tool that guided me to live more fully in my body. After each session of reading and practicing the method, I felt more grounded and open in my body and mind, as well as more connected to spirit. Exploring Movement for the Mind® with Françoise’s mentoring was powerful and transformative.” — Joslyn Swinger, Sonoma State University

Testimonials About Francoise E. Netter Classes

“This class was fabulous due to your high energy, knowledge of your topic and giving us tools to use in our lives. Everyone, at any age or level, can learn from you!! I will pass on the information on this class to all teachers! Thank you.” — L. Steirt

“Thank you for a great class last night, I felt energized and have ideas that I can put into place today at school!  What a great group of people, you always have a knack for bringing out the best in us.” — S. Ohlson, M.A.

“Francoise, your class has made a huge impact on me in my daily life and on how I have chosen to approach this new world of uncertainty I find myself in…  I truly feel grateful and blessed.  Thank you so much for opening my door to true survivors like yourself, Alice Herz, and Viktor Frankl.” — J. Holsomback

“ ‘Calmness is strength’. Wow, that phrase is powerful! This class and this reflection process have given me new skills to navigate life and enhance my teaching.  In addition to this new skill, I appreciated the advice given to us by you in the class that it is not our responsibility to make the kids learn. It is our responsibility to plant the seed and guide them in their own journey. Even though we know that as educators, we sometimes lose sight of that concept and feel an enormous amount of pressure to help the students be successful. Well, what is successful, anyway? It is different for all of us but standardized testing and high stakes evaluations have skewed our outlook on education and what our role is in educating our youth. Today, I have a new view on my students – they are a joy to teach and they are all beautiful in their own way. I can plant the seed and encourage them on their educational journey – that is what I can control. To answer the question of whether resilience is innate or learned I believe that we are all born with an innate ability to survive – it is instinctual. However, I also believe that being able to see the positive side of a situation or find a deeper meaning to suffering is also a skill that is learned from parents, family, and mentors. Thanks for a fantastic class.” — H.VanDePol

“I have really enjoyed my October classes with you. Thank you for helping me to look deeper into my spirit and soul during this time of year. It has helped me tremendously as a person and an educator but most importantly it has given me a lot to ‘chew on’ over the next few weeks and months. I am looking forward to further reflection and growth.” – K. Hannahoe

“Hi Francoise. Thank you again for an amazing and quite frankly uplifting class. So much of the content is downright perfect timing for what is unfolding in my life at the moment… I tell you this because sometimes life hands you what you need without you knowing it, I am pretty sure these classes are speaking to me at the right time.  Thank you for offering these topics to us.  It means a great deal.” — A. Erdrington, Educator


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