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Have You Always Wanted To Learn French?

Are you planning a trip to Europe, doing business in a French-speaking country or struggling to learn this beautiful language in school? Often the reason adults have such a difficult time learning a new language and especially French is that they try to learn with their left side of the brain. Language is actually stored in the right side of the brain.

The reason young children pick up new languages so easily is because they don’t try to learn from an intellectual perspective. They immerse themselves in the experience and learn by association. The key to learning a new language is to have fun and to let it be a creative adventure.

Since English is my third language and French my native tongue, I have an affinity for languages.  What I love the most about French is its lyrical, beautiful sound and its flair for dramatic expression. Remembering that everything in French is relational will help you to learn without the struggle that accompanies most new students.

Group classes, private tutoring and translation services from French to English and English to French are available in person, by phone and through E-Learning.

A Partial List of Employers and Clients

  • Phi Beta Kappa Office, Berkeley, CA – Translation services
  • Life Long Learning, Boulder, CO – Teaching group classes
  • Bridge-Linguadec, Denver, CO – Teaching group classes, translation and private tutoring
  • DMC, Boulder, CO – Teaching group classes to corporate executives
  • Jefferson Academy, Westminster, CO – Teaching high school French
  • Sacred Heart Academy, Boulder, CO – Teaching group classes to elementary school children
  • Habitat for Humanity, Colorado — French translations for several clients
  • Private clients throughout California and Colorado

Read What Clients Have To Say About Their Experience

“Françoise has the rare ability to make learning French fun and to get you talking whether you are a child or adult. My kids raved about her and she took the fear I had about learning a new language and replaced it with practical application. Thank you!!!”

“Francoise’s knowledge and dramatic flair literally brings French alive—the culture, the accent and the desire to learn and speak more.”

“I’ve taken French and Spanish from other teachers and their classes were boring and steeped in relentless grammar, while Francoise’s instruction not only engaged and entertained me, but got me beyond the frustration and I was amazed at how much I learned and can now use.”

E-mail [email protected] or call 303.960.6000 for further information and to set up a free phone consultation. Private and on-going sessions are available in person in the Boulder / Longmont / Denver, CO area, and by conference call or Zoom in any area of the world.


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