Classes for Educators

We Provide Salary Enhancement and Re-Certification Classes for Educators – Plus New Professional Development Classes

Françoise E. Netter, MA, provides specialized services and continuing education courses for teachers. We offer educators graduate CEU credits from UMass Global.

These courses not only offer credits to increase your salary and re-certify your teaching license, but offer you leading edge subjects that can powerfully enhance every aspect of your professional and personal life and allow you to integrate that exceptional value in the academic environment. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

New Professional Development Classes

Body/Mind Dynamics Inc. is excited to offer new Professional Development courses for Educators. These are in addition to the below graduate credit classes from UMass Global (as well as other universities) that we have been offering for over 18 years. These new continuing education courses are available as 3, 5, and 7 contact hours, as well as 3 graduate-level credits (45 hours). View new online classes.

Classes for Educators Through UMass Global

Françoise is currently leading teacher re-certification and salary enhancement classes that are accredited through UMass Global.

Please contact us at 303.960.6000 or email [email protected] for specific details on how to enroll and enjoy any of these courses..


About Francoise E. Netter, M.A.

Francoise E. Netter, MA, is an author, educator, conference presenter, performer and Certification Teacher Trainer for Movement For The Mind® and Yoga throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe.

In addition to substitute teaching and teaching full time in K-12 schools in Colorado from 2001–2008, Francoise has taught at Stanford University, Santa Clara University, JFK University, Adams State University, University of Phoenix and Front Range College.  She has given master classes at University of Colorado, Boulder and Naropa University and has trained teachers, therapists and medical professionals in her fields of expertise.

Francoise has been featured on television and radio, on several CDs and in magazine and newspaper articles.

She currently conducts workshops and graduate-level continuing education courses for Teachers and Administrators through UMass Global and CSU Pueblo. Her passion is to inspire and motivate others and to use education as a resource for creativity, inspiration and transformation.

Read What Educators Say About Courses with Francoise Netter

Hear what educators and administrators are saying about continuing education courses with Francoise:

“Thank you for being such a great instructor. Your enlightenment has such a profound effect on others. Thank you for all you do.” — D. Kaiser

“Thank you Francoise for letting me express myself in this paper.  I will miss you. You are loved and an amazing person and teacher.” — J. Tarnowski-Marks

“This class has been one of the most beneficial classes I have taken over the course of my twenty year career.” — R. Eisenbach

“I think I selected two very interesting courses to study!! Thanks for providing me the resources for my personal development.” — B. O’Brien

“Thanks for the class and the mind expansion. I love it!” — J. Meere

“Thank you so much for offering this course for educators and believing in what we do. Your work and gifts are so unique. I really enjoyed meeting you, reading your work, and finally celebrating getting your CD on my phone.” — A. Plitnick

“Thank you so much… this class was truly inspiring to me, and I am continually doing some major thinking about this topic. I appreciated so much the discussion and the insight.” — C. Hutchins

“After reading about stress on one of Francoise’s blogs, I am that much more motivated to find ways to reduce stress and focus on nourishment. She states that through medical research, we know that stress is the # 1 cause of immune deficiency, disease and even premature death. (, April 23rd, 2013) … Francoise often asks us to ‘dig deep’ and find a connection between ourselves and the topic being studied. This is one of my favorite parts of the reflection process in all of her classes because it’s about being introspective and finding that place that we don’t often shine light on. All of the classes I’ve taken from Francoise is facilitating in aligning myself with the ‘sweet spot’ of life. I often find that if I’m balanced, nourished, and strengthened, then I am a much better teacher. It is my hope that I can teach my students by being an example of what it means to live a full life, with my body nourished and my mind strengthened.” – E.Munoz

“I also wanted to let you know how helpful our closing activity was for me.  I am taking over my school’s dance program this fall, and I plan to use a similar activity to start out my year and ‘free’ my students in their bodies.  You are an inspiration…” –Susan Simonds

“Thank you for re-kindling the creative spirit in me. Creativity is the soul of true education. This course helped me to think of creativity in different modalities. I can now look for ways to incorporate creative approaches to my normal lesson plans.” — M. Arolllelo

“I really enjoyed the class! It was really refreshing to focus on creativity for a change. Françoise was well prepared, articulate, welcoming and inspiring. I enjoyed the articles and activities in the class. Thanks so much.” — Michele N.

“Excellent class, but I only got two hours with Françoise. She has a depth of knowledge and passion that is rare. I want more!” — L. Becker

“…Thus, nourishing the body and strengthening the mind are essential to the classroom environment because it creates a human being who is receptive, responsive, and renewing to the factors of creativity, motivation, inspiration, and love within the classroom. I loved the way this idea is phrased in Movement for the Mind: ‘Connecting to the body while focusing the mind allows you to capture the moment and pause in a space that can align you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This experience of internal alignment causes profound insights, and can lead to significant physical and behavioral changes.’ With the mind and body in a healthy, connected place, the learning environment and the capacity of the mind are vastly improved.” — B. Dayton

“Francoise, I loved this class and found it very valuable. Thank you for sharing all of this new information with us. I loved the videos and the assignments.” – D. Povenzano-Doll

“This course came at such a crucial time in my life. It gave me more things to think about and how to reframe what I’m doing and saying to my high school kids, though the lens of resilience. They so need it in their lives. Thanks so much!” – M. Chimento

“Thanks Francoise for this opportunity to learn from you. Your classes provide such depth, and they are REAL! The material and yourself are authentic which is why I keep coming back. …. You have given me the incredible opportunity to dig deep into my teaching, my soul, and the meaning that I have in my work and my personal development. Thank you for providing a safe and meaningful experience to learn. Thank you for the happiness!” — A . Edrington

“The Fun Factor class truly opened my eyes and made me eager to go back to my classroom and create a fun, meaningful, memorable and authentic learning environment. It was a great learning experience to hear what my colleagues from other schools thought about the fun factor…When I cam back to my classroom after the first class, I tried the mirror activity that we did in our first class with Francoise. My kiddos loved it! … It has been so much fun and the kids are learning in such different ways. Thank you!” — R. Mares

“All I have to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADVOCATING FOR TEACHERS. YOU ARE AMAZING FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP US. … You’re a saint for helping us achieve other dimensions of teaching that you cannot learn in a regular professional development class. :)” — B. Gilson

“According to Dr. Francoise Netter, the 9 Fingers of Wellness are: 1) Physical Wellness, 2) Mental Wellness, 3) Emotional Wellness, 4) Spiritual Wellness, 5) Social Wellness, 6) Financial Wellness, 7) Philosophical Wellness, and 8) Vocational Wellness and (9) Creative Wellness. It is crucial to achieve optimal wellness as it relates to our well-being and affects our emotions and actions. In the classroom, wellness affects the whole learning dynamic. ” — D. Herman

“I learned a great deal by attending Francoise Netter’s class, Disolving The Stress Mess for Teachers and Students, reading her book, listening to her CD, reading her blogs and articles. Her CD helped me the first day I used it. I have asthma, and sometimes feel short of breath when I am stressed. The first time I listened to Redress Your Stress, I felt as though my lungs opened up, and I was able to breath deeper and more relaxed. After using the CD twice a day, for the next 5 days, another miraculous event took place in my life. Rather than visualizing worrisome events, I took the time to visualize myself succeeding, laughing, and enjoying life. I began to feel as good as if these events were actually happening. This deep breathing and meditation practice became extremely powerful. In fact, I couldn’t wait to put the CD on and go to my “Happy Place.” In Miss Netter’s class I learned that deep breathing releases endorphins throughout the body. Endorphins are feel-good, natural painkillers that our body creates. The deep breathing exercises helped me to sleep better at night and to have more energy during the day. This led me to another positive change in my life and one I can now pass on to my students.” — N. Renner

“As I read the “Stress Management” chapter in Movement for the Mind I was thinking that ALL students should be required to read at least the first few pages of the chapter that discuss how the external world controls our lives while the internal world dictates our stress levels and happiness. It’s perfect for getting students to “buy into” the importance of fostering and positively building the experience of our inside world in order to create long-term happiness and to reduce stress. This passage from the book is a perfect example of what we learned through this course. By changing our thinking patterns and mental habits we are able to not only reduce our stress but we can also realize our full potential, positively influence those around us, and live more happily. What a great way of thinking as I move closer to another year of teaching. This class has shaped the way I think and has therefore shaped the way I teach. I am a better teacher because of it.” — D. McCarthy

“Thank you, Francoise for the great class and for bringing the light to Bullying. I have learned so much more about the face of bullying. Fantastic class.” — PY Thayn


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