As I contemplate the end of 2018, I am reminded of the quote: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” This year I was an official gypsy. My plants and belongings scattered in five different places as well as storage, I stayed with friends in Colorado, moved temporarily to Coronado Island and traveled to Europe for two months. It was a year of healing and transformational opportunities I had not anticipated.

Coronado Island was like living in Hawaii with a view of Mexico and San Diego. The bay and sea soothed my soul while I immersed myself in the company of fragrant flowers, birds, flamingos and the temperate climate. I was also able to give several workshops at Unity Church, woman’s retreats and Metaphysical Institutes. I taught some Yoga, gave a number of personal readings and coaching sessions, worked with educators and re-connected with the part of myself I had lost in the stress-filled years previous to 2018. As I said to many of my friends, I found my heart in Coronado.

When I returned to Colorado and then traveled to Europe, I encountered a different type of healing. I had many plans to visit several countries around the ocean and Mediterranean, be on a ship with the Abraham-hicks group and rent an apartment in Nice. I never seemed to recover physically from the traveling in the first two days, and had I not pre-paid the trip or had a home to return to, I would have flown back to the US that first week. Amidst the great food, wine and some absolutely beautiful places, I had the opportunity to experience and examine parts of myself and old life-style patterns that no longer served. Many of these issues I thought I had dealt with, but over the course of two months they magnified at such a level, that there was no choice but face and transform them.

The month in Nice became my retreat center. It rained the first 14 days, a friend who had planned to join me cancelled her plans and another significant friend joined me my last week there. I spent hours a day meditating, doing Yoga and listening to Gregg Braeden, Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza. There were days I walked nine miles and I eventually saw some beautiful old towns, forts, art, and exquisite sunsets. But the bulk of my days were re-studying epigenetics and the power of the mind and body. Even though I have spent this life time studying and teaching Yoga and the mysteries of the mind and body, my time in Europe was largely about going deeper into transformation and releasing the past. To make sure I did not slough this trip off to an expensive inconvenience, the last day in France, hours before my two planes back to the US, my left pinky finger got slammed into a metal door and I have spent the last month healing that finger and nail.

I am still in process, but what I have learned from this year, is that there is no perfect place to live, no perfect condition, person or circumstance. Even though this seems obvious, so many of us in the West were reared conditionally thinking that our outer conditions and circumstances determine our reality including our health, well-being and joy. As an empath, I often took on feelings, beliefs and conditions that were not mine and I strived like most of us to “make” things happen by relying on and manipulating things external to myself. I also learned how easy it is to be on an automatic pilot program of stress and survival. The more research I have done on the effect of stress on the body and the mind, the more that I now know how important it is to change our habits from survival to mindful living both personally and professionally.

I invite you to join me in this new year, to gently embrace everything that occurs as an opportunity for expansion, flow and growth and to spend this last evening and the first weeks of 2019 reflecting on what to release and open up to as you discover new doors of seeing, believing and living. I am always sharing with my educators that we must teach our kiddos to be life-long learners.

I am excited to share new courses, products and insights with you as the year progresses and look forward to hearing from you and working with you personally and professionally and being of service through my courses, Yoga and meditation sessions, French classes, products, books and Psychic/Numerology readings. Click the menu links for more information.

In the spirit of joyous, continuous transformation,


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