2016 has been a challenging year for many of us personally and globally. In Chinese Astrology, it was the year of The Monkey, the trickster. It certainly has been a year of unexpected triumphs and defeats as well as crazy politics. Personally, I felt challenged to the core on all fronts. I have been a student of Self-knowledge all of this life time, counseling and facilitating growth for thousands of others and this year in many ways, I felt like I was barely crawling rather than leaping, dancing and running, figuratively and literally.  Then when I thought I could not take any more, the death of my beloved fur child as well as the relationship with the University I provide credits to educators for, dissolved. As I face feelings of heart-wrenching grief, anger, dis-belief and darkness, I reach out to all my brothers and sisters who have survived great and heart breaking loss and summon the light to return to all of us individually and globally.

Loyal friends and students, kind gestures, working out, taking ballet, drinking a little wine, petting Bhakti (my beloved 18 year old kitty while she was still beside me), spiritual practices and surrendering to the moment rather than contemplating the future have been my life-lines. Sometimes all I could do is scream “SOS” to the ethers and anybody who would hear me. I often wondered how such great beings as Nelson Mandela and Alice Herz-Summers sustained their optimism in the direst of circumstances.

Often, what I perceived as negative, challenging circumstances seemed way more powerful than my positive focus or intentions. Over and over I contemplated how could I just not give the negative circumstances in my life attention? How could I sustain what I know to be true and only focus on what I want to expand in my life as joy and ease? How do I embrace all the uncertainty in my life with greater faith? After decades of practicing and teaching Ancient Wisdom, I feel very humbled. Sometimes those outer conditions seem just too real!!!!!

Yet, I feel that 2017, more than maybe any other year, is an opportunity to hone our attitudes and direct our inner guidance to unveil the secret keys to success and happiness. I do know in my core that what we all seek (happiness) is truly our nature and birthright. I invite you to join me in the journey to learn how to direct your energies triumphantly this next year regardless of outer conditions and circumstances. We can live our best lives in 2017 even while going through the rainbow of emotions.

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To a 2017 that brings greater peace, joy, light and ease to all and most of all, HOPE,


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