Product Order FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Digital Purchases

How do digital download purchases work?

Once your payment is processed by PayPal, PayPal e-mails you a receipt. But PayPal also sends a verification notice back to our digital store. At that point our digital store generates another e-mail to you with a unique, encrypted link for each product. Click each link, then when prompted specify where to save each file.

How long does it take?

In most cases you will receive the e-mail with the link within a few minutes of your checkout and payment. However, due to PayPal or Internet congestion, it may occasionally take longer for the process to complete.

What should I do if I don’t receive your e-mail?

The first thing you should do is check your spam settings. Due to your spam settings, our e-mail may have been diverted to your spam or trash folders. Check there for an e-mail sent from WordPress. Look carefully for any e-mails with a subject like “Thank you for your Body/Mind Dynamics purchase.”

Be patient. But if you have not received the link e-mail within a few hours, contact us.

What if the link does not work?

With most e-mail programs, you can simply click the link to begin the download. If this does not work in your e-mail program, copy and paste the entire link from the e-mail into the address bar of your Web browser, then press Enter on your keyboard. When prompted, specify where to save the file.

Note that some e-mail programs have problems when a link carries over onto a second line. In that case, try copying and pasting the entire link as described.

How long can I download my digital files?

You can download your products anytime within 72 hours. If you try to download the products after that, you will get a “Link expired!” notice. Once downloaded, you should make a backup copy of your products for protection against loss.

How long does it take to download digital files?

If you have a broadband Internet connection, downloads of PDF files are usually finished in less than a minute or so. However, digital audio files are much larger files and can take much longer. For example, our audios may be a 45-55 MB Zip file archive. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, a file that large may take 10-20 minutes or even longer to download.

What is a Zip file?

This is a common file format often used to compress and enclose one or more files. Once you have downloaded a Zip file (.zip file), you need to “unzip” it for use. For example, after you unzip one of our audio file downloads, you will discover a folder containing various files for your use.

To unzip a zipped file, you can often just double-click it. Most modern computers already have software installed to unzip these files, and double-clicking will activate this software. Alternatively, you can often right-click a .zip file and specify how to proceed. For example, on Windows 7 you can right-click a .zip file and choose Extract All Files. Or on current Mac OS computers, you can right-click the file and choose Open With > Archive

If you do not already have unzipping software on your computer, you will need to download free software. For Mac OS, you can download the free Stuffit Expander program at For Windows, you can download the free 7-Zip program at

For additional details, you should search Google for a phrase like “How to open .zip files” or “How to unzip files.”

What is a PDF?

A PDF is a Portable Document Format file, which we use for some of the files available from our site. The file name usually ends with .pdf, such as eBook.pdf. PDFs can be read on most computers, on Android devices, as well as on most eBook readers such as iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and so on. The free Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view PDF files. You can download Adobe Reader at

What is an MP3?

MP3 is a patented digital audio encoding format that uses a form of lossy data compression. “It is a common audio format for consumer audio storage,” states Wikipedia, “as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players.”

Our digital download audios are provided as a number of MP3 audio files (.mp3 files). You can play MP3 files in programs such as Apple’s free iTunes. You can also use programs like iTunes to make a CD copy for your personal use. You can download iTunes for Windows or Mac OS from

What about mobile devices?

You should download your purchase to a computer – not a mobile device, which may or may not have apps for working with some of these files, such as zipped files. Once you have downloaded a purchase to your computer, and prepared the files as described above, you can then transfer the necessary files to your mobile device. For example, if you have imported our audio files into a program like iTunes, you can use that program to sync the files to your mobile device. Similarly, you can transfer PDFs and other files to a mobile device. See the help for your mobile device for information about transferring files.

What if I still need help?

If you have tried everything suggested here, and still need help, please e-mail us. When you do, please provide complete details about any problems you are having. For example, instead of simply saying something vague like “the link doesn’t work,” tell us where the link is – and exactly what happens when you click it. Also to help our troubleshooting, please provide details about your computer and software. Is it a Mac or a PC? Are you using Windows 10 or XP, or Yosemite on a Mac, or something else? Does the problem occur with a specific Web browser, such as Safari 9 or Internet Explorer 11? Or does the problem occur when using the Microsoft Outlook mail program, Gmail or another online e-mail service, or something else? The more details you can provide about your computer and software, as well as the specific problem, the better we can help you.


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